Advanced Tactical Solutions

Tier 2 Firearms Training - (Basic Pistol Training Course)

This level of training course is designed for individuals who desire to learn more about basic proper handgun handling and shooting fundamentals.

ATS Tier 2 Training Program is designed to give students a basic template for increasing mental acuity, focus, dexterity, balance, and spatial awareness while performing basic skill weapons manipulations. The program is foundation based on the standard "NRA Basic Pistol" shooting platform class. You will receive a formal Basic Shooting Class Certificate, following the successful completion of the program. Our principle goals in this program are as much about understanding the handgun and shooting techniques as it is about understanding yourself and the principles that will help you to develop and gain confidence in handling a firearm and slowly graduate to a more advanced conceal carry lifestyle.

Training Includes:

  • 8-hour Training Session: (6hr. classroom, 1hr. LASR shooting, 1hr. live range)
  • Learn "DRY-FIRE" Training and Confidence Building
  • L.A.S.R. Computerized & Digitized Shooting System Training.
  • How to Implement Muscle Memory in Firearms Training. (firearm handling)
  • Numerous videos and graphics on how firearm pistols and ammunitions work.
  • Entire study course is fundamentally based on incorporating a beginner Self-Defense mindset.
  • Learn Proper Firearm Grip, Sight, Loading, Unloading and Alignment.
  • Learn all Parts, Nomenclature, and Workings of a Handgun.
  • Learn Proper Handgun Care and Cleaning.
  • Understand Ammunition Types. (what to buy and what to look for)
  • Learn Handgun Shooting Malfunctions and Clearing Techniques. (4 types)
  • Various Handgun Types. (which is best suited for you and your lifestyle)
  • Live Fire Shooting at a local state-of-the-art Range.
  • 50 question open-book (easy) test to verify your learned firearm knowledge.
  • Personalized Training Certificate, Acceptable by Government Agencies.
  • A Great Lunch will be provided as well as Morning Snacks, Coffee, Ice-Tea, Sodas, and Water all day.
All Firearms will be cleared, chamber-checked and properly stowed at the door, before class!