Advanced Tactical Solutions

Tier 1 Firearms Training - (Safety Class)

This level of training course is designed for individuals who desire to learn the basic fundamentals and safety elements of firearm ownership.

ATS Tier 1 Training Program is designed as a non-live shooting firearms training class, to give students a basic fundamental overview of handgun ownership and the basic safety elements of handling a firearm. The program is built around the student who wants to receive a thorough introduction into safe handgun handling, without the actual action of firing the firearm. This class will introduce or refresh the student on overall basic safety and eliminate "fears" of being around firearms.

Training Includes:

  • 4-Hour Training Session (3.5 hour Classroom, 30 min. Computerized LASR Shooting)
  • This is a NON-LIVE Shooting Firearm Safety Class
  • Learn the 3 Fundamental Rules of Safe Gun Handling.
  • Learn the Causes of Firearm Accidents.
  • Learn about Various Shooting Sports and Buying a Firearm.
  • Experience Shooting on our L.A.S.R. Computerized & Digitized Shooting System.
  • Learn Proper Safe Firearm Handling.
  • Learn all Parts, Nomenclature, and Workings of a Handgun.
  • Great Class for Adult Introduction to Firearms and for Children Awareness.
  • Personalized Training Certificate.
  • Acceptable Class by Government Agencies or Court Mandated Safety Classes.
  • Great Breakfast Snacks, Coffee, Ice-Tea, Sodas, and Water will be provided for the entire session.