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High Threat Security & Terrorism Mentoring


Advanced Tactical Solutions LLC (ATS), is a full-service security solution driven agency dedicated to keeping our clients safe, happy and productive. We implement security protection services for corporations, events, families seeking peace of mind, as well as high net worth individuals, family offices, NGOs, dignitaries and government agencies. Led by a management team with international experience in the security industry, ATS has the capability to reach out worldwide with its services and broad network of closely vetted security providers to enable our clients to travel and do business globally.

(ATS), is tasked with conducting close protection for its contracted clients with efficient and high-quality support, directly for the client and/or staff, as well as safeguarding the client's assets. ATS Agents and our executive protection teams competently respond to any situation that may arise while supporting the client. Our agents are protection professionals with a high level of emotional intelligence.

ATS Agents travel domestically and overseas and have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to tactfully negotiate conflict and remain flexible. Our agents possess the ability to interact with all levels of corporate management, liaise internally and externally with a multitude of agencies, governments, corporations and personnel using strong oral communication and representational skills. We brief, defend, persuade and instruct others on security requirements and policies. We continually demonstrated leadership, teamwork and organizational skills with the ability to clearly exceed today's threats, through more agile security profiles and protective operations and skill sets to identify and mitigate current and future enemies.

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