Advanced Tactical Solutions (ATS) is dedicated to providing the highest quality self-defense training, Tactical Pistol Skills and Conceal Carry Training at an affordable price. We strongly believe in mastering the basics is the only way to shoot safely and defensively.  This goal can be achieved with proper instruction and critique. Students must have knowledge of basic pistol use and experience. 
The "Basic Pistol Course" with ATS is an extensive  8 hour course. Students will learn the Basics of Pistol Shooting and receive extensive lessons in safety, gun handeling, the various types of pistols, range shooting, discussions and  physical cleaning, storage, and a summary of various pistol sports and activities. 
This course will certify you as an NRA Basic Pistol Shooter. 
The Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program is a skill development program. Qualification shooting is a year-round shooting activity that provides incentive awards for developing and improving marksmanship skills.  The courses of fire in the qualification program are designed to take shooters from beginning skill levels through Intermediate levels, up to the nationally recognized skill level of Distinguished Expert. 
Private and group firearm instruction for individual or small group "on-the-range" training, tailored to your skill level. Learn and practice the skills needed to become a better shooter. Groups such as Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts of America, church groups, and special woman only classes. 

Advanced CCW

Defensive Class 


1.  Shooting and Moving.
2.  Use of Conceal Cover.
3.  Tactical and Combat Magazine Reloading and Exchanges.
4.  Firearm Malfunction Drills. 
5.  Drawing Drills and Firearm Shooting Dr ills.
6.  Shooting Simulation and Scenarios.
7.  Legal, Moral, and ethical Rights and responsibilities.
8.  Situational Awareness and Levels of competence.