Fugitive Recovery & Bail Enforcement Services

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Fugitive Recovery & Bail Enforcement Services

Fugitive Recovery Agents (Bounty Hunters)

Each year, thousands of people are on the run after skipping court bail. Many of them are facing serious charges, such as rape, murder or robbery. Fugitive recovery agencies such as Advanced Tactical Solutions LLC (ATS), are entitled to locate fugitives and return them to custody. The successful tracking and re-arrest average across the country for all recovery agents is about 97 percent of all individuals they pursue.

As a bail recovery agency, Advanced Tactical Solutions, LLC (ATS), will seek out fugitives, interview their families and friends, collect evidence and arrest defendants who FTA (Fail to Appear) and/or skip bail. ATS agents, will be allowed to enter a fugitive's residence, their automobile to track them down, without a warrant, once local authorities are notified of such a possible apprehension. Their duties and responsibilities may include:

  • Performing background checks.
  • Reviewing each case and conducting further investigation.
  • Researching the laws in every country or state involved in the fugitive pursuit.
  • Complying with the local laws and regulations.
  • Conducting surveillance.
  • Cooperating with local Police and Sheriff's departments.
  • Gathering and analyzing evidence.

ATS agents will usually carry firearms, stun-guns, pepper spray, pepper ball rifles and other specialized weapons, but we will never use excessive force, unless our lives or individuals lives around us are in danger or threatened with bodily harm. We strictly adhere to the regulations set by the State and we know exactly what we can and cannot do. ATS agents are fully identified by clothing and other marks on their person at all times. All fees are usually pre-negotiated with the local bail bonds agency or the work is performed on a set contractual basis.

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