Bank Fraud, Asset and Financial Forensics Services

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Bank Fraud, Asset and Financial Forensics

Financial forensic data examination and bank fraud asset allocation is used to determine where missing money has gone and how to recover it, as well as alleged financial malfeasance, for corporations, private individuals, and government institutions.

Advanced Tactical Solutions LLC (ATS), produces reports of our financial forensics as evidence during hearings, where we can testify as expert witnesses on our findings. This work serves an important purpose at public accounting and consulting firms, law firms, law enforcement agencies, and insurance companies.

The role that ATS Investigators play in each of these settings varies. Each firm or individual person deals with money in different ways, and scammers target organizations or these individuals based on their situation.

ATS investigators perform investigations in various alleged fraudulent matters:

  • Financial Fraud - Financial statement irregularities, Bank & loan fraud, Check kiting, Bankruptcy fraud, Ponzi schemes, Securities fraud.
  • Employee Fraud - Cash & inventory theft, Accounts receivable skimming/lapping, Excess payroll & ghost employees, Inappropriate use of company credit cards, Fictitious expense reports.
  • Vendor Fraud - Contract mischarging, Disbursements & shell companies, Kickbacks, Bid rigging.
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