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Advanced Tactical Solutions

A Full Service Security & Firearms Agency

Advanced Tactical Solutions LLC (ATS), is dedicated to providing our clients with honest, truthful, and above all, discretionary investigative services, security protection and firearms training.


ATS works with all clients in need of personal or family protection and security matters, as well as high-value clients, corporate events, or public event protection; Including, but not limited to becoming your security partner, capable of solving issues by implementing customized protocols and PTA's (physical threat assessments), for your residence, office, or corporate locations that align with your needs and demands. If your requirements are as simple as a personal weekend or a simple night out, with family and friends, or a corporate outing, to a long-term security executive protection detail, ATS can provide any level of security to accommodate your needs.


When it comes to private investigations, simply digging up information and tracking people down doesn't cut it. A lot more goes into being a respected and sought after investigative detective agency. Over the years we've handled cases for law firms, private citizens, and major corporations, getting them the information and needed evidence. From Workers' Compensation fraud to bail jumpers and fugitive recovery, to divorce cases and even internal corporate theft investigations, we have proven we've got the skills and savvy, our clients need.


Experience, Knowledge, Safety, and Confidence, are some of what you look for in a local trusted firearms mentor. We at ATS, embody those characteristics, making us a fundamental learning and training establishment. We increase your skills and try to enhance your ability to protect yourself and those around you in a very professional, yet fun and exciting learning environment.

Basic CQC Training Drill

The Tactical Box Drill

Move and Shoot; Team Spatial Awareness

Training w/Custom Semi-Auto AR Pistol

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